Friday, October 08, 2004

Monkella's Mood:

I just can't put the Dodge Poetry Festival into words. I'm speechless. Maybe at some other point, I'll have the umf to do it. In other news, I'm slightly overwhelmed, eerily liberated and feeling adventurous these days. It's the glow of thirty, I tell you. It makes me want to tell the truth more often. And of course, Fall is my favorite season. The best time in the world to let the ones that matter know it, before you slip into that uneasy called winter.

Today I'm going to Virgin. Isn't it time we rediscovered Aquemini? That age old funky Outkast joint? I am NOT saying. I am simply SAYing.

Love to C. Glenn for knowing how to bring folks together. I am wearing my specially silkscreened t-shirt right now.

more later.